Welcome to “One Whimsy Housewife”!

Trying something new is always a little scary.  I am certainly not a “writer”.  I am many things and have many skills, but writing is not one of my strengths.  So as I embark on this journey of blogging, I ask myself, “Why are you doing this?”  That’s a great question, of one I which I don’t have a specific answer for.  But, I do have a list of reasons why…

  • To help share the joys of everyday life and my “whimsical” adventures with you.
  • I want to post tips on how to make life a little bit sweeter and easier.
  • Finally, to at least give you a little comic relief as we navigate this crazy adventure called life.

My name is Megan and I am a wife, mother, graphic artist, and so many more things.  A “Jill-of-All-Trades” and a master of nothing.  I currently work full-time as a graphic designer and I LOVE my job! But my greatest job is being a mom.  It doesn’t pay very well (I should talk to someone about that), but the benefits are unmatched!

My husband, son and I live in a happy pre-loved home built in the 60’s.  It has been a joyful interesting challenge being a homeowner.  Trying to decorate and renovate on a budget…wait,let me rephrase that…on NO budget, has its challenges.  So, I want to use this blog to share some of the solutions we have come up with.

My son R inspires me to see the world as one big exciting adventure!  I want to share those moments with you, too.  So, let’s enjoy this ride together!




3 Comments on “Welcome to “One Whimsy Housewife”!”

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