Spring Cleaning Checklist (FREE printable)

Ahhhh…spring is springing, birds are chirping (too early in the morning I might add), and buds are blooming.  As I gaze out my hazy windows to view the budding trees and flowers I realize I can hardly see anything!  It’s time for some SPRING CLEANING!!  I look around our humble abode and I’m a little over-whelmed by the list that starts piling up in my head.  “Windows, baseboards, clutter in drawers and cabinets, garage, garage sale…how will I price everything? Can I borrow a few tables?  Who will watch R while I’m having the sale?  WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!!!”  I think I got a little side-tracked.  This whole thing is supposed to be about spring cleaning, right?  I realize that I need a plan of action…and a written list (I absolutely lurve lists!)

So…I start by writing my thoughts down and I realize that this list of tasks will take me a full year to complete, not just spring!  How can I make this into manageable tasks that I can stick to?  Hubs and I already do a daily & weekly cleaning (ok, mostly me, but he does help some), but there are always a few things that get overlooked never get done.  Things like ceiling fans, mini blinds and the dreaded windows.  So, I make a list of the things that never make it to my weekly agenda.

Here’s my Spring Cleaning Checklist.

Now this doesn’t include things like dusting, cleaning toilets and showers, sweeping and mopping, but I’m sure you are already aware of those necessary evils.  Okay, now that I have a list, I need a plan…

THE PLAN:  I’m going to give myself 4 weeks to get all of this done.  I work full-time during the week and I do my daily chores after R goes bed, except for the floors…I save those for the weekends.

Let’s break this down into manageable bites:

  • Week 1:  Foyer, hallway, porch and walkway
  • Week 2: Kitchen
  • Week 3: Living room and bathrooms
  • Week 4: Bedrooms
Here is some inspiration for WEEK 1:
Beautiful Linen Closet

There’s the plan!  I’d love to hear your ideas and tips for spring cleaning, so leave me a comment!!  Check back later, I am hoping to post some before/after photos of my success…


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