Scratches in Your Porcelain Sink? Meet Your New Best Friend!

Being the owner of a ranch-style home, built in the early 1960’s, it’s easy to say that parts of our house have seen better days.  We have done some minor cosmetic changes to the kitchen, like paint the walls and cabinets, new appliances, lighting and sink fixtures.  The sink, however, has not been replaced.  I have always liked the look of a pretty white porcelain kitchen sink.  The down-side to having one is the fact that they always get scratched and scuffed.

The stainless steel cookware we use always seem to leave scratches in the sink.  I always assumed it was just something I was going to have to live with…until, yesterday!  While browsing around my favorite blog sites a few days ago, I found this tip from One Good Thing by Jillee on how to make your scratched dishes look like new again.  She demonstrates how she uses a scrub to get rid of the scratches on her white dishes.

I don’t have white dishes, but I do have a white scratched sink.  I have to admit, I’m a little obsessive about cleaning my sink.  Water spots on the chrome, coffee and tea stains, and dried on food drive me crazy!  I like to wake up to a clean shiny sink every morning.  I do a load of dishes every evening and then scrub my sink.  So I was extremely excited to give this a try!

So…let me introduce you to your kitchen sink’s new best friend!

Bar Keepers Friend

I visited the Bar Keepers Friend’s website and found quite a few tips.  I saw that they recommend using the scrub on porcelain.  So, I decided to try it on my embarrassing kitchen sink.  It worked like magic!  I bought the powdered version I found in the cleaning aisle of my grocery store next to the Comet & Ajax scrub.

In the before picture you can see the coffee and tea stains around the drain.  I first cleaned those with my favorite bleach cleaner and it was white again in no time.  I then rinsed the sink REALLY well.

Here’s what you will need:

  • rubber gloves
  • a sponge or soft scrubbing pad (I use the “blue Scotch Bright sponge”)
  • Bar Keepers Friend scrub.

I put on my gloves, sprayed down my sink with water and got my sponge wet.  I then sprinkled the cleaner all over the sink.  With a little elbow grease it started to form a paste and then it suds up a little.  Then the scratches started disappearing!

It’s really so simple.  Once they were gone I just rinsed the sink really well, and stood back and admired my beautiful work!!  I don’t think this is a permanent fix, but this product is definitely staying in my cleaning arsenal!

The pictures speak for themselves!

Just trying to make life a little bit easier…

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7 Comments on “Scratches in Your Porcelain Sink? Meet Your New Best Friend!”

  1. Kristi says:

    Looks gorgeous, Megan! What a great tip! Would be delighted for you to link up with us at Mop It Up Mondays (going on all week):

  2. I love Bar Keepers friend and use it on my stainless steel sink. Great tip! Stopping by from Tip Me Tuesday. I posted my Spring porch makeover.

  3. Tara says:

    Do you think it would work as well on an ivory sink?

  4. Lara says:

    Thank you for this post. It’s a great tip! I just used at my porcelain sink, less than 5 minutes the hole process. It’s just perfect!

  5. Amber Scarbrough says:

    You can buy this at Walmart by the ajax and comet… works great. I thought it would barely take the scratches off but they are completely gone. .. like a new sink!

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