Birthday Parties…when did they become so complicated?

Oh, Pinterest!  I love you on so many levels!  Who knew I could make a rainbow cake, tissue paper pom-poms,  and party favors out of bubble wrap?  The possibilities for the best-birthday-party-ever are endless!!

(Have I made any of these yet?  Of course not, and thank you Pinterest for making me feel like a total failure as a mom!)

After hours of scribbling down ideas about themes, cakes, cupcakes, banners, balloons, games and favors, I ask myself, “Why?”  Why do I need to make a whole buffet with tractor-shaped sandwiches, monogrammed M&M’s and rice crispy treats on a stick?”  “Why do I have to make hand-felted party hats?”  “Why do I need water bottles with a cutesy slogan printed on the wrapper?”    And don’t get me started on cupcake toppers…“Why would I pay someone to have them put my child’s name and age on a pre-fab template, just so I can print them at home AND cut them out AND put them on little sticks?”  Aren’t cupcakes pretty enough?!

Whatever happened to the simple, backyard birthday parties?  Our cakes were homemade from a box in our mom’s favorite Pyrex casserole dish.  It had that nasty gel icing from a tube saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” with the last few letters squeezed in there because she ran out of room.  We played pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey…or didn’t, and that was okay.  All we wanted was cake, ice cream and presents.  Lots of presents!!  And maybe a few balloons.

So, Pinterest, keep your personalized Play Doh, your towering 3-tiered Lego cake, and those hand-sewn pennant banners.  This mama is going to enjoy this blessed day with family and friends, and not worry if the goats from the petting zoo are going to eat my hand-dipped chocolate pretzels or if the bouncy castle will be too girly for Sir Roland.

**If anyone in my family is reading this…we are still ON for the tractor rides. 😉


2 Comments on “Birthday Parties…when did they become so complicated?”

  1. Meredith says:

    LOVE this! Am currently planning a parties for my daughter and my son and actually managing to keep them low-key, but feeling like child-neglecter b/c now dancing and singing princess clown magicians with traveling zoos will be appearing…:)

    • Ha Ha Ha! Glad I’m not the only one struggling with birthday craziness!! Now should I have someone design something personal for the dinner plates and napkins, or just go with Thomas the Train for $10 for 4? lol

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