He lies silently, waiting for his next victim.  His orange and black stripes are well disguised amongst his surroundings.  His cunning eyes gleam with a sinister stare that brings terror to the hearts of men and women.  This quiet, scheming hunter is master of his domain, and will always fight to the death.  Beware of his sly smile, because he will lure your children into his welcoming arms, only to release them screaming in agony!

He is….


…and he will not give you back your children until you feed him every last quarter you own!

While browsing our local outlet mall a couple of weeks ago, my son and I were met with this ambush.  I was enjoying the beautiful spring weather in our outdoor mall, when I noticed the  island of coin operated toys.  It was too late!!  R spotted them too.

I wasn’t prepared.  I only had $1.25 in quarters and a $20 bill.  These evil rides are $.75 a piece!!  WTF!  What happened to a quarter or $.50?  Oh…they do have a bill changer, but I wasn’t about to walk around with $20 in quarters in my pocket!

Luckily, he was okay with just climbing around on all 4 of the rides.  I finally was able to coax him away, so we could at least make it to our first store.  Right in front of the shop I needed to visit was ANOTHER group of the buggers!  This time he wanted to “RIDE!”  I used my quarters in the bulldozer.  He then saw someone else riding the fire engine and wanted on that one instead…of course.  Patiently waiting for the fire truck, he got distracted by the space shuttle, then it was on to the van with a dog driving.  Honestly, who comes up with these?!  I remember when you only had one choice,  and you better have liked horses!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am in the wrong business, and need to start my own coin-op shop.  There were a total of 6 of these “Islands-of-Fun”, with at least 4 rides on each.  If my math is correct, and you visit each ride just once per visit, you’ve spent at least $18!!!

I am now avoiding all retail shops with rides, at least when my son is with me.

You have been warned!


One Comment on “Ambushed”

  1. I just love this post! Ambushed One Whimsy Housewife ftw!

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