No doubt…he is all boy!

I am amazed everyday at how my son naturally falls into his gender.  I had planned on being the hip 21st century mom, who allows her son to express himself however he wants without forcing stigmas of the “that’s a boy/girl” thing on him.  I wanted him to play with dolls, or carry around a stuffed teddy bear, or wear a pink tutu if he that’s what he preferred.  But much to my surprise, Roland has never showed any interest in those things.  He is all boy.

Trucks, airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles, trains, tractors, cars…really anything that goes, he LOVES!!  I’m not saying these are “boy” things, but let’s face it, sadly, we live in a world where sexism still exists.

I bought him a play kitchen for Christmas and the only part he plays with is the cordless phone and the microwave where he stores is hot wheels.  He shows no interest in anything fluffy.  He did seem interested in a tot-sized baby carriage one time, but only in the wheels.  When he is outside, he tugs around this plastic golf bag which he calls his “vacuum”.   Maybe we should get him a dirt devil so he can actually start pulling his weight around the house.  (only kidding…we would never let him use an electric appliance, only brooms and feather dusters…again kidding.)  Cruising the toy aisles of our local big box store, I like to look at the latest fashion trend Barbie is sporting, while he would rather head straight for the Monster Jam trucks.

This past weekend we tested out this art project I had seen on Pinterest.  Fill some ziplock baggies with paint, tape them to the table, and let him “finger paint” with no mess.  Sounded totally FUN!!

I got everything together, and duct taped the bags to the floor, so that they were more easily accessible to him.

First, I demonstrated how to “paint” by mixing the colors together.  He sat down, swiped his finger across it twice, then got distracted by the duct tape.  He pulled up every piece of tape and tried to open the baggies.  His “left-braininess” started to kick in, and all he wanted was to figure out how it worked.  In the mean time, my “right-braininess” just wanted some photos of this “super” project (sorry the photo is blurry.)   When he realized I was taking pictures, he totally got distracted and wanted to see them…which really means he wants my phone so he can swipe through pictures and videos of himself, and play with Talking Tom Cat.

Needless to say, what I planned to be hours (or at least 15 minutes) of fun, actually ended up being about 45 seconds of nothing more than an intro to duct tape.  Oh well…his daddy was super excited that he went straight for the duct tape!  Just another reason why he can’t deny that kid and also because they look exactly alike.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Roland!  Mommy & Daddy are so proud of the man you growing into!!


One Comment on “No doubt…he is all boy!”

  1. Meredith says:

    Ha! Saw this on Pinterest too and my first thought: “no way!” Boys are definitely boys and we have the exact same golf clubs, which indeed double as a “vacuum” at times–are our sons somehow twins separated at birth? Was there another one hiding in there somehow when I gave birth?! Thanks for making me laugh 🙂

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