My Nemesis: Saran Wrap

I am plastic wrap impaired.

Each time I use plastic wrap, a battle ensues in my brain that sounds something like this…”Please, work for me today!”  “Why do you want to stick to only yourself?”  “Why is it so difficult to get a tight seal?”  “Am I doing something wrong?!”  “Do other people have a hard time with this?”  “AGHH!  I give up!  I’ll use the foil.”  Then I take the piece I painstakingly managed to cut it from the roll (after a few cuts to my fingers), spend 10 minutes unsticking it from itself, and eventually end up wadding it up in a ball and throwing it away.  It never fails…this happens every.single.time.

I see beautifully wrapped dishes at pot-luck dinners; their seals are tight and it’s actually sticking to the bowl.  How do they do that?!  So, I have been researching this dilemma, and have found a few tips.

  • Saran wrap is best used for sandwiches, cut produce (i.e. cut watermelon, apples, etc…), and any food that doesn’t need a bowl.  Think bread, cookies, fruits and veggies, not that left over soup.  Tupperware is better for those.
  • It prefers to stick to glass and itself.  So, I guess if your bowl is plastic or metal, you’ll have to wrap the entire bowl like a present…
  • Wrap your container first to create a tight seal before tearing the plastic from the roll. (This one takes practice…food service kitchens do this.  Set the dish on the counter, unroll a large portion of wrap, wrap dish tightly, then cut from the roll.)
  • Wrap an open container of ice cream before returning it to the freezer, to prevent those yucky ice crystals.
  • Use it as a shelf liner.  Love this one!  Cover the shelves in your fridge for an easy clean-up later.  (I recommend cleaning the fridge first…I know, I know, no fun.)
  • Store your roll in the freezer to prevent it from sticking to itself.
  • Just ditch the wrap all together and opt for shower caps!

I suppose I will keep the roll in my drawer, but will use it for things other than the occasional food storage.  Help me out on this one!  Leave me a comment about how you manage to beautifully wrap everything with this evil stuff!!  I’ve heard good reviews about Glad’s Press and Seal, and may try it, but I will probably always consider plastic wrap to be the spawn of Satan.


One Comment on “My Nemesis: Saran Wrap”

  1. Meredith says:

    Okay, no tips to share–just empathy. Would not be an exaggeration to say I have been brought to tears many times by the evil plastic junk. Loving the shower cap idea though 🙂

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