Little Ills Need a Little Nurse

About every 3 months or so, I can usually guarantee that my son will get some sort of upper respiratory yuckiness.  It usually begins with a runny nose, then progresses to an ear infection, then follow that up with a cough that seems to last forever.

He has terrible nasal allergies, but we have been fortunate to find a Rx nasal spray that has relieved most of those symptoms.  But a week or so ago, the nasal drip started and it wouldn’t go away.  A trip to the doctor was our next step once the cough started.  We found out he had an ear infection. So, they sent us home with an antibiotic to battle the ear infection.  But since he is only 2, he cannot have any cough medicine…sigh.

That night was absolutely terrible!  He didn’t sleep hardly at all, because of the coughing fits.  We, as parents, feel so helpless when our little ones aren’t feeling well.

I did some research the next day about how to help a little ones cough.  I kept coming across this little tip about putting menthol rub on the bottom of your feet.  There is absolutely no shred of research to back up that this works, but if you’re a parent, you will try anything to help your children feel better.  So, being the whimsy woman who I am, I decided to give it a try.

That evening I broke out my cold fighting arsenal: saline spray for his nose, the infamous blue booger sucker, the humidifier, and the Mentholatum in the green jar.

We did our typical routine–bath, books and songs.  Then I began the cold remedies…

  • I plugged in the Vicks humidifier with the Vicks Vapo Steam added to the water.
  • Saline and suctioned his little nose.
  • Gently massaged his little chest with the Mentholatum rub
  • Finally, I slathered the bottom of his feet with the Mentholatum Rub.  Then put a pair of socks on him.

After he was asleep, he coughed for about 5-10 minutes.  Then….silence.  Ahhhh, sweet silence!

Around 3 in the morning, I heard him cough again.  I went in to check on him.  He had taken off one of his socks.  I put more of the Mentholatum on that foot and put the sock back on.  No more coughing the rest of the night!!

Now, I don’t know if it was the foot trick, or the humidifier, or a combination of everything, but all I know is something helped him sleep better.  He was a much happier kid the next day, and that’s good enough for this momma!

Usually his coughs will last about a week before getting better.  But after using this routine for 3 nights, the cough was gone!  That’s proof enough for me.  I am keeping this in my medicine cabinet and will have to try it on the next cold that darkens our door.

An added bonus with the Mentholatum Rub is that you can use it on mosquito bites!  It’s suppose to reduce the swelling and take away the itchiness.  Plus, it soothes minor skin irritations like sunburns, scrapes and scratches.  You can also use it for muscle aches.  Who knew?!  I wonder what other “miracle” products I have in my cabinet?

Vicks Vapo Rub & Mentholatum both recommend using their products on people ages 2 and up.  I am in no way a Dr. and these are my opinions.  Please consult your Dr. before giving this a try.


No doubt…he is all boy!

I am amazed everyday at how my son naturally falls into his gender.  I had planned on being the hip 21st century mom, who allows her son to express himself however he wants without forcing stigmas of the “that’s a boy/girl” thing on him.  I wanted him to play with dolls, or carry around a stuffed teddy bear, or wear a pink tutu if he that’s what he preferred.  But much to my surprise, Roland has never showed any interest in those things.  He is all boy.

Trucks, airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles, trains, tractors, cars…really anything that goes, he LOVES!!  I’m not saying these are “boy” things, but let’s face it, sadly, we live in a world where sexism still exists.

I bought him a play kitchen for Christmas and the only part he plays with is the cordless phone and the microwave where he stores is hot wheels.  He shows no interest in anything fluffy.  He did seem interested in a tot-sized baby carriage one time, but only in the wheels.  When he is outside, he tugs around this plastic golf bag which he calls his “vacuum”.   Maybe we should get him a dirt devil so he can actually start pulling his weight around the house.  (only kidding…we would never let him use an electric appliance, only brooms and feather dusters…again kidding.)  Cruising the toy aisles of our local big box store, I like to look at the latest fashion trend Barbie is sporting, while he would rather head straight for the Monster Jam trucks.

This past weekend we tested out this art project I had seen on Pinterest.  Fill some ziplock baggies with paint, tape them to the table, and let him “finger paint” with no mess.  Sounded totally FUN!!

I got everything together, and duct taped the bags to the floor, so that they were more easily accessible to him.

First, I demonstrated how to “paint” by mixing the colors together.  He sat down, swiped his finger across it twice, then got distracted by the duct tape.  He pulled up every piece of tape and tried to open the baggies.  His “left-braininess” started to kick in, and all he wanted was to figure out how it worked.  In the mean time, my “right-braininess” just wanted some photos of this “super” project (sorry the photo is blurry.)   When he realized I was taking pictures, he totally got distracted and wanted to see them…which really means he wants my phone so he can swipe through pictures and videos of himself, and play with Talking Tom Cat.

Needless to say, what I planned to be hours (or at least 15 minutes) of fun, actually ended up being about 45 seconds of nothing more than an intro to duct tape.  Oh well…his daddy was super excited that he went straight for the duct tape!  Just another reason why he can’t deny that kid and also because they look exactly alike.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Roland!  Mommy & Daddy are so proud of the man you growing into!!

Friday Funny

The innocence of vintage advertisements make me chuckle.  The good ‘ole days when your doctor recommended Lucky brand cigarettes, women vacuumed in heels and pearls, and no one thought twice about giving the baby cocaine teething tablets.  I threw in a few of my favorite Anne Taintor images as well!!









Have a great weekend!


He lies silently, waiting for his next victim.  His orange and black stripes are well disguised amongst his surroundings.  His cunning eyes gleam with a sinister stare that brings terror to the hearts of men and women.  This quiet, scheming hunter is master of his domain, and will always fight to the death.  Beware of his sly smile, because he will lure your children into his welcoming arms, only to release them screaming in agony!

He is….


…and he will not give you back your children until you feed him every last quarter you own!

While browsing our local outlet mall a couple of weeks ago, my son and I were met with this ambush.  I was enjoying the beautiful spring weather in our outdoor mall, when I noticed the  island of coin operated toys.  It was too late!!  R spotted them too.

I wasn’t prepared.  I only had $1.25 in quarters and a $20 bill.  These evil rides are $.75 a piece!!  WTF!  What happened to a quarter or $.50?  Oh…they do have a bill changer, but I wasn’t about to walk around with $20 in quarters in my pocket!

Luckily, he was okay with just climbing around on all 4 of the rides.  I finally was able to coax him away, so we could at least make it to our first store.  Right in front of the shop I needed to visit was ANOTHER group of the buggers!  This time he wanted to “RIDE!”  I used my quarters in the bulldozer.  He then saw someone else riding the fire engine and wanted on that one instead…of course.  Patiently waiting for the fire truck, he got distracted by the space shuttle, then it was on to the van with a dog driving.  Honestly, who comes up with these?!  I remember when you only had one choice,  and you better have liked horses!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am in the wrong business, and need to start my own coin-op shop.  There were a total of 6 of these “Islands-of-Fun”, with at least 4 rides on each.  If my math is correct, and you visit each ride just once per visit, you’ve spent at least $18!!!

I am now avoiding all retail shops with rides, at least when my son is with me.

You have been warned!

Birthday Parties…when did they become so complicated?

Oh, Pinterest!  I love you on so many levels!  Who knew I could make a rainbow cake, tissue paper pom-poms,  and party favors out of bubble wrap?  The possibilities for the best-birthday-party-ever are endless!!

(Have I made any of these yet?  Of course not, and thank you Pinterest for making me feel like a total failure as a mom!)

After hours of scribbling down ideas about themes, cakes, cupcakes, banners, balloons, games and favors, I ask myself, “Why?”  Why do I need to make a whole buffet with tractor-shaped sandwiches, monogrammed M&M’s and rice crispy treats on a stick?”  “Why do I have to make hand-felted party hats?”  “Why do I need water bottles with a cutesy slogan printed on the wrapper?”    And don’t get me started on cupcake toppers…“Why would I pay someone to have them put my child’s name and age on a pre-fab template, just so I can print them at home AND cut them out AND put them on little sticks?”  Aren’t cupcakes pretty enough?!

Whatever happened to the simple, backyard birthday parties?  Our cakes were homemade from a box in our mom’s favorite Pyrex casserole dish.  It had that nasty gel icing from a tube saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” with the last few letters squeezed in there because she ran out of room.  We played pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey…or didn’t, and that was okay.  All we wanted was cake, ice cream and presents.  Lots of presents!!  And maybe a few balloons.

So, Pinterest, keep your personalized Play Doh, your towering 3-tiered Lego cake, and those hand-sewn pennant banners.  This mama is going to enjoy this blessed day with family and friends, and not worry if the goats from the petting zoo are going to eat my hand-dipped chocolate pretzels or if the bouncy castle will be too girly for Sir Roland.

**If anyone in my family is reading this…we are still ON for the tractor rides. 😉

Mommy Disclosures…

I didn’t breastfeed…

I forget to brush my son’s teeth…

“Hard Hat Harry” is a great babysitter for at least 27 minutes…

Sometimes, all my son eats for dinner is crunchies and fruit snacks…

My son drinks his bath water, and I let him…

Yes, these are confessions from this one whimsy housewife.  Why do I feel guilty about these things?  Why do I have a hard time typing these words?  I wish I could put an end to the “mommy guilt”.

Being a parent is the hardest, most frustrating, want-to-run-screaming-from-the-house-and-never-look-back job in the world.  It’s also the most rewarding thing I have ever attempted.

So what, if the dishes didn’t get done last night…or the night before.  So what, if I live out of a laundry basket.  So what, if my floors haven’t been swept in a week…or two.  My family still loves me.  Even if the house is dirty, the laundry never gets put up, or dinner is from a sack.  Let’s cut ourselves some slack and laugh a little bit about this crazy ride!

When I start to feel my conscience creep in and tell me, “you’re a bad mommy”, I just head over to Scary Mommy Confessions to make myself feel better.  This site is quite amusing and a relief to know that there are other moms out there who do the things we do.

Here are few of my favorite confessions:

  1. “I put salt in my coffee this morning.  My hair is unwashed.  I haven’t slept in 2 years.  I regularly injure myself on small plastic objects.  I envy my pets’ daily routine.  I depend on caffeine and sesame street.  I. Am.  Mom.”
  2. “Bent over to pick up a toy and let out a fart.  2 year old son came up behind me, sniffed my butt, then felt it and said, ‘Nope, no poopies.’  Is this what a diaper check feels like? I feel so violated.”
  3. “I would support the school fundraisers if they sold liquor…keep your candles, candy and wrapping paper to yourselves please.”
  4. “I put 20 boxes of condoms on my baby shower registry.  No one found it as funny as I did.”
  5. “I used bandaids to cover my nipples when I weaned my children.  See?  All gone.”
  6. “I asked a coworker with a child the same age as mine about Chef Boyardee she said ‘my child doesn’t get that because I’m a responsible parent’.  I wanted to punch her in the neck.”
  7. “I sometimes crush up Midol and put it in my husband’s food–it makes him sooooo much easier to deal with.”
  8. “Omg, just read this post on a FB friends status…..’up at 3:45am, P90x workout, laundry and punched in early at work, it’s gonna be a great day’……Can I please puke now??”
  9. “I’m roaming the grocery store aisles, coffee in hand, no children in sight.  Sadly, this is the best Saturday night I can remember.”
  10. “I’m letting my kids stay up late because I’ve not finished my beer.”
  11. “I invited you into my home as a guest.  And you brought my 2 year old permanent markers and Play Doh.  Next time I visit you, I’m bringing your teenage daughter condoms and crack.”
  12. “Just finished making the homemade spaghetti sauce for dinner.  It’s the only way my hubby will eat it because he’s that picky.  The Ragu bottle is in the trash wrapped in a plastic bag under old leftovers.”
  13. “3.5 yo proudly announced that he pooped on the potty & wiped his own butt.  When I told him he needed to wash his hands he said, ‘I already did.  In the potty.'”
  14. “Ever since I first got pregnant 12 years ago, I have suffered HORRIBLE migraines that force me to sit in a pitch black room alone for hours.  (At least that’s what I tell everyone)  Evil?  Maybe, but I’ll take it to be alone.”
  15. “I am beyond happy to be back at work after 12 weeks of maternity leave.   Being a SAHM?  Not for me…”

What’s your mommy confession?